Shoeburyness intouch – a swansong for Roger?

ShoeburyintouchOne of the intriguing battlegrounds next month will be Shoeburyness ward. Conservative Cllr Roger Hadley is defending a 650 majority – but that was gained in a General Election year. In 2011 the Independents achieved a 366 majority, and in 2012 they increased this to 488. Roger will do very well to hold out, and it will be a test of his personal popularity as well as a measure of just how hard-working the latest Shoeburyness Independent is.

Shoeburyness is a ward the Tories must hold if they wish to retain control of the borough. It is typical of a number of wards where defeat is seemingly staring them in the face. It will be a fascinating contest, and I expect a tight finish. Turnout will be crucial, as will each team’s ability to encourage their supporters out to the polling station. It may all come down to the postal votes, which in Southend is a favourite weapon of the Conservatives.


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