Labour’s team in Southend-on-Sea

I am now able to announce Labour’s line-up for all seventeen wards in Southend-on-Sea for May’s local elections.

Belfairs – Laura Martin
Blenheim Park – Dean Trotter
Chalkwell – Lars Davidsson
Eastwood Park – Jess Phillips
Kursaal – Charles Willis
Leigh – Matt Zarb-Cousin
Milton – Cheryl Nevin
Prittlewell – David Carrington
Shoeburyness – Maggie Kelly
Southchurch – Sean Jones
St Laurence – Reg Copley
St Luke’s – Gray Sergeant
Thorpe – Ian Pope
Victoria – Margaret Borton
West Leigh – Jane Norman
West Shoebury – Matt Dent
Westborough – Kevin Robinson and Mike Royston

The team includes five ex-councillors, one current councillor, six women, and two candidates aged under 25. There is a good mix of experience as well as four candidates who are standing for the first time.


3 Responses to Labour’s team in Southend-on-Sea

  1. I count three candidates under 25.

  2. This is where I fess up to not knowing everyone’s age. I know Sean Jones and Gray Sergeant are under 25 – is the third you or Jess?

  3. That’s a point; I’ve no idea what Jess’ age is. But the third I had in mind was myself (23).

    One thing is clear though; Labour are certainly the party of Southend’s future.

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