Helen Boyd, working for you (but only if you vote Conservative)

BlenheimtorieshelenboydSaturday morning I spot the Conservative candidate for Blenheim Park leafleting down my road. I observed on Twitter:

Just seen the Tory council candidate leafleting down my road – will I get one?

I did not get one, not on Saturday anyway. One was put through my letterbox late Sunday afternoon.

Do you think I embarrassed them into this? She leafleted my road and the neighbouring streets on Saturday, and returned to do just my door on Sunday, after I had tweeted. Do we now have Conservative candidates who only wish to communicate with their friends and supporters unless caught out?

I may not be voting Conservative, but surely it is not unreasonable for me to expect them to at least attempt a conversation with me.

I have not had anyone canvass at my door for years, let’s see whether this changes ….


3 Responses to Helen Boyd, working for you (but only if you vote Conservative)

  1. Pure chance that your side of the road was left to last ! Nothing personal….I always leave leaflets at every house..after all there may be voters in your home who don’t vote the same way as you do(!)

  2. So, you one side of my road only, yet do surrounding roads? That somewhat stretches credibility.

  3. No…went along the top to London Road…..why would I leave out a whole side of the road ? Not all your neighbours think like you do !

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