West Shoebury intouch Council Elections Special – much unsaid

WestShoeburyInTouchWhilst not perfect (undated for starters), for a Conservative leaflet it is not bad at all. I like the layout and the map.

The map reminds West Shoebury residents of what Cllr Cox has been doing in his ward. I am intrigued by the five lots of resurfacing – Milton ward, which must be a contender for the busiest ward in terms of traffic volumes, cannot boast this. It just shows you what having a Cabinet member representing your ward can do – oh, so does Milton!

I am tempted to produce a map showing Tory waste, ideas frustrated by opposing members, and examples of Milton being dumped on. It would make for a depressing read.

This West Shoebury intouch makes no mention of the cuts or attacks on those on welfare. No mention of the damage inflicted on the education system or the privatisation of the NHS. No mention of sliding standards of living. Plenty of green though – is there a revival of the vote blue go green here?

The A5 booklet concept reminds me of what the Castle Point Labour Party produced for years. I repeat that in appearance I find it quite attractive. Yet again, though, it is another leaflet from a Government party that is reluctant to speak of what their government is doing. When Labour were in power we were not so shy.


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