£641,400 for a temporary solution – tax-payers money spent on the whim of one councillor

The ‘very early indicative costs’ for siting a coach park at Warrior Square is £641,400. One can imagine this rising. I find it rather a lot of money. Seemingly this amount can be spent on the say-so of one councillor.

Believe it or not, this is the cheapest solution of the costings I have seen. Southchurch Park East, which combined with a seafront dropping off and picking up spot would be my preference, comes in at £1,119,572.

I have no reason to doubt these figures; equally I have no reason to accept them either. So far the whole sorry saga is a fait accompli as regards this humble councillor.

It will now go through the planning process, and this will be brought before the seventeen councillors at Development Control Committee. Their remit will be to examine using strict planning criteria only. At no point, as far as I can ascertain, will anyone be allowed to query how nearly two-thirds of a million pounds can be spent with nothing resembling democratic oversight.

I hear rumours about the site of the old swimming pool and how it is likely, at some point in the future, to see a high-rise of some sorts. This could make the coach park a mere ephemera – which makes the spend quite frivolous. If we are going to have this damnable coach park, can we at least have an assurance that tax-payers money is not about to be wasted as soon as a developer can sense a sizeable profit on the horizon?


7 Responses to £641,400 for a temporary solution – tax-payers money spent on the whim of one councillor

  1. “Seemingly this amount can be spent on the say-so of one councillor”

    One councillor representing a ward half the borough away from the proposed site. Not that Cllr Cox should only be able to make executive decisions for West Shoebury, but it’s telling that he won’t have to defend the move to residents at the polling station himself.

  2. To be fair to Cllr Tony Cox he is denying that he made this decision, and I am still trying to get a straight answer from the Council. The irony here is that I am normally defending the council and administration against accusations that they are anti-democratic.

  3. Matthew/Julian

    I am happy to state on record that this NOT from my portfolio but an Assets decision for which Cllr Moring is the Portfolio Holder. I, along with Cllr Lamb and Cllr Moring were asked for our comments. My response, as has been consistent all along, is that we need to substitute elsewhere in the town the Coach Parking which will be lost at Seaways Car Park. This decision is NOT ultimately my decision is from Cllr Moring’s portfolio.


  4. Thanks for the clarification Tony; I cheerfully withdraw my comment.

    I’d love to know why it was your name that the corporate director gave your name as having made the say so.

  5. Irene Grubb says:

    Will here we go again, coaches which will use this facility, will possible access the facility via Warrior Square or Whitegate Roadm both roads are narrow with very little or no off street parking.

    When the coaches exit this facility they will possible use Warrior Square to access Southchurch Road, again a narrow road with no off street parking. Two ways to exit the town, turn right to join the ring road (Queensway) thus creating traffic problems, turn left towards the Chichester Road then turn right into Chichester Road to join Queensway again more traffic problems.

    Will this council never learn?


  6. jayman says:

    Southend needs a new north/south A-road, A bridge needs to be constructed across the river roach. The new A-road would follow the existing wakering road and up towards mucking hall farm where it will bridge across the river roach, then west through Stambridge, eventually joining the A130.. without new road infrastructure that releaves east/west travel, Southend will continue to choke with congestion.

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