Abandoned for a cocktail?

Westborough resident Jonathan Hodge, pretender for the St Laurence seat this May, has written about Southend’s Budget.

He has written:

Much has been said by scaremongers too that our borrowing is out of control and the interest on the debts is extremely high. This is nonsense; the interest on our borrowing is 1.8%, which is the equivalent of repayments of £10 per week for a family on an income of £30,000 per year.

Now, perhaps I am missing something here, because Mr Hodge seems to be confusing debt and income. At best it is badly worded, at worst it is a failure of understanding.

Whilst I do not agree with the Independent Group’s argument on the scale of borrowing, to query it is not ‘scaremongering’. Jonathan Hodge’s party may prefer silent obeisance; the opposition prefer the rigour of debate.

Jonathan continues: will do everything we can to make life a little easier for hard-working residents in difficult times, everything we can within the financial restrictions we face.

Many of us see his party in Government doing all that they can to make the rich richer at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

He takes a swipe at Cllr Ted Lewin: He failed to represent his ward and party during a key vote, and having checked the reason why I can now say it was because he was on holiday. If you’re a St Laurence resident reading this, let me assure you that – if you elect me to replace Cllr Lewin on May 22nd – I would never abandon you for a cocktail on the beach.

He fails to mention that Cllr Adam Jones, Conservative representative for St Laurence, was also absent, as was Cllr Richard Brown (Conservative, Chalkwell). I have no idea why they were absent. I do not know, either, whether Cllr Lewin was indeed sipping cocktails on a beach. I do know that I try to be careful booking my holidays, but it is difficult to get away without having to sacrifice a meeting or two.

Never mind Mr Hodge, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Liberal Democrat representative, Cllr Paul Collins, was present, and he voted against the budget.


One Response to Abandoned for a cocktail?

  1. Stating debts are out of control by exaggerating them is not querying, it is scaremongering. You are correct, though, about the incomplete wording in the first paragraph, thanks for pointing it out – I shall amend. The two Conservatives you mention missed the vote for valid reasons, not holidays.

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