A coach park for Warrior Square – another example of Milton ward being dumped again by the Conservative administration

On Friday one of the Corporate Directors emailed me. Here is an extract from that email:

As you will recall from my briefing on Seaways in the Autumn we identified the need to relocate the coach parking from Seaways Car Park and highlighted areas that we were exploring.

It was agreed to proceed with Warrior Square as the most suitable site for the coach park and this is now within the Planning process.

I responded with a simple question: Who was it agreed by?

After a false start (an email which gave a different answer) I got this: Consultation was with Cllr Cox.

However, there is some dispute as to whether this is factually correct. What is certain is that I was not consulted, let alone given a chance to voice my objection to this.

In the first email, referred to above , this was also included: Part of Warrior Square – good central location, access satisfactory, loss of parking offset by new Essex St. Car Park so minimal revenue implications.

Two issues arise from this. One is that this is only a short-term solution as this area is earmarked for housing and redevelopment. Two, in the budget much was made of the new revenue from the new, temporary, car park at Essex Street. If the scheme goes ahead then this revenue will not be new, merely displaced. The £75000 in the budget will have to be re-visited.

I am less than pleased at the idea of a Warrior Square coach park. It is far too close to residences and the noise and pollution will be increased for those that live in the vicinity. Also, the streets around here are narrow and already are often choked with traffic.

This is another example of Milton ward being dumped again by the Conservative administration. I am also astounded that such an important decision can be made behind closed doors with no oversight by the elected members.


5 Responses to A coach park for Warrior Square – another example of Milton ward being dumped again by the Conservative administration

  1. dave batter says:

    What is wrong with the car park near the yacht club in Thorpe Bay, good roads, pollution has somewhere to go, very little housing adjacent

  2. Whats wrong with coach park in warrior sq.beat place for it,to many places want to imagine coaches don,t exist,coach park n the centre will encourage more operaters to choose Southend as a destination.local people should be walking anyway||||||

  3. Irene Grubb says:

    What a good idea, we already have problems with the amount of traffic at Victoria Circus this in turn causes delays to the bus service in Victoria Avenue and bus services in the London Road A13, pushing more traffic into the heart of Southend will add to the problem.

    The Council will then apply to the govenment for a further grant to sort out the problem and if granted we will have a period of about 18 months with builders, turning what we have now into a large roundabout with trees and grass. Which is what we had in the first place.

    All at no cost to the council but a huge cost to business and the residents More shops in the high street will close and Southend will close for business.


  4. carol ann linern says:

    Why not have a coach park outside the town with a park and ride bus service to the seafront and the Cliffs Pavilion?

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