An Independent View – the Thorpe contradiction

ThorpeIndependentI have stated it many times, and it looks like I will have to keep on stating it: the Independent Group in Southend-on-Sea like to complain about party politics, but in many ways they behave like a party themselves.

Take Cllr Martin Terry’s decision to abscond from Westborough before his term is up and attempt to become the third Independent in Thorpe. He could have waited until 2015 when his term in Westborough expires, but oh know – that would have meant having to challenge an Independent councillor. To not challenge indicates a level of cooperation that surely is at variance with the supposed independent ethos.

This leaflet seems to suggest that Mr Terry is already part of the Thorpe team (again, how can you be both in a team and independent?) I wonder what Westborough residents must think, condemned to less representation in order that Martin can secure that Thorpe slot.

An independent view? Hardly. Independent and part of a trio? A contradiction. Endorsed by Cllrs Stafford and Woodley! As much evidence as you need that this is more misinformation.


3 Responses to An Independent View – the Thorpe contradiction

  1. Irene Grubb says:

    You could be foregiven for thinking that as Cllr Terrys term of office ends next year, one years cllr allowances, and he thinks he will not get anouther term within the Westborough Ward, he is fighting the Thorpe Ward in the hope that if successful he will then get an additional three years of councillors allowances.

    If i am correct, it just shows the Thatcher idea still is around,” Take care of your self don’t bother about the rest”

  2. Irene says:

    Is this the ethos of certain members of the Independent group, take care of yourself, don`t bother about the residents. think only of yourself and no-one else . This is how it looks to me. Last comment was Alan not myself, but I do agree with him. The residents of Westborough have been badly let down. Have we now got the makings of the Thorpe bay Triumvirate.

  3. Irene Grubb says:

    Martin Terry might not deflect to another party, but he has deflected from one ward that elected him to serve for their ward for eleven years to another ward. Is this not has bad or even worst, I do not see this in this leaflet or poster. The residents of Thorpe should be aware that he could ditch them when the time is right to further is own ends, like he has done to Westborough . Martin Terry in my opinion has behaved has bad or not worst than Cll Alex Kaye.

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