Solicitation in Thorpe

photo 1

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photo 3I have objected and opposed quite a number of planning applications. I have never solicited support; I have left it to others to make up their minds about each one. I do advertise significant planning applications on this blog – to inform, and allow those so inclined to pass their comments onto the relevant council officers.

I am always happy to offer advice, and this usually begins with “use your own words”. Mass produced and identical objections lose something, in my opinion. That being said, I would write words for those genuinely unable to frame them for themselves – but this would happen after being approached.

I am not entirely sure whether the approach adopted by Ron Woodley (on behalf of BERA), and shown here, is entirely within the rules – although I admit that this is not my area of expertise. There is an interesting choice of words too. “The Council” includes Ron; although I confess to doing similar I am always keen to stress that my ire is always directed at the Conservative administration, and not the officers who serve them.

I think it fine to advertise upcoming planning applications, and to set out how to pass comment. I have no real issue with stating your objections either. Somehow, though, this does not feel right. I guess the fine line comes somewhere between pointing out that an application has been made and putting words into the mouths of residents.


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