Community First Grant Application Dragons Den

I was very happy to have been asked to take part in a Community First Grant Application Dragons Den Tuesday evening; this den was allocating funds to various projects as part of the Milton Ward in Southend Community First Panel. £8488 was up for grabs by way of grants, and there were eight applications to be considered.

The amounts applied for varied from £500 to £2500, and each group had to put in a formal written proposal. They were each invited to speak for five minutes about their application, and questions followed.

One of the applicants (Remarkable Romani Group) had secured funding elsewhere, and so withdrew. The other seven were:

Milton Youth, Southend Vineyard, Southend SOS Bus Project, Trinity Family Centre, Inklusive Prints, Greening Milton, and Milton Tuesday Club.

The monies requested exceeded the funds required, and so some tough decisions were required. In the end, six applications were fully funded. I would urge the failed applicant, and any other community group in the ward, to try again next year.

I could not help but be impressed with the range of ideas from all these groups. It just goes to show how much community spirit there is in Milton, and just how many of the residents are working hard to improve the ward and the lives of those who reside in it. I am pleased to have been able to play my small part in this.


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