Jolly boating weather and a hay harvest breeze

Focus Youth Centre is closing. This was originally planned for this month, although an informal source tells me that this may have moved out a couple of months – a stay of execution if you like. At the December 12th Full Council the future of the Youth Service was discussed. I wrote at the time:

I asked the portfolio holder for children and learning to clarify what he meant by ‘few’ when he kept referring to the number of young people using Focus in the debate on the Future of Youth Service. I asked whether the numbers were more or less than the number of users at the Lower Thames Rowing Club on Leigh Marshes. He originally agreed to supply these numbers, then retracted this promise. He accused me of being “disingenuous” – clearly he is uncomfortable with accountability.

Subsequently I did get the numbers I was after; Cllr Courtenay supplied these the next day.

The total attendance for the period April 2012 to March 2013 was 5266 (405 individuals). This compares to Cluny (5364 and 322) and Shoebury (7263 and 578).

The rowing club has something like 70 members. If 405 is a ‘few’, then I wonder what description could be given to ‘70’. The council is prepared to spend £200K on seventy rowers, yet closes a youth club for want of £150K.

Perhaps the youth club aficionados should have turned up with oars.


2 Responses to Jolly boating weather and a hay harvest breeze

  1. Would I be correct in thinking that Cluny youth centre is also to close?

  2. My source tells me:

    The centre at Cluny has been operating outside of Youth Service funding for some time (although staff have been running services). The Centre will switch to the control of the Streets Ahead team. It will then be (I am led to believe) a community resource. Other than that, I am not sure what will be offered.

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