Scrap undemocratic SKIPP

The mechanics of administration, does it matter? To some it is a key issue. In my experience the vast majority of voters really do not care. I find this true with electoral reform, a big issue for me – yet failing to excite voters very much at all.

Saxon King in Priory Park, to give SKIPP their full title (and shouldn’t they be called PPIPP nowadays?) make great play of their desire to ‘scrap the cabinet’. This is a reference to the eight senior members of the administration in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea. They claim it is undemocratic. Curious.

I am ambivalent about having a Cabinet. I am not minded to see its future as a priority, not when we have far greater issues to deal with. Any discussion about reorganisation can wait as far as I am concerned. If, and it is a big if, Labour form part of the administration any time soon then I would hope that we would look to address the inequalities in the town before indulging in such vanities.

I must say, there is more than a hint of hypocrisy with SKIPP’s claims. Mark Sharp, aspirant councillor for Milton, turned up at one meeting claiming to be a member of the Milton Ward Community Group. Aside from the fact that this group is now defunct, was he elected into this role? It remains an unanswered question, which is an answer in itself.

Irony of ironies, SKIPP too is undemocratic. No annual general meetings, no minutes, no elections, just self-appointed individuals. Set up in 2008 (according to their website), there are four of them. Their claim that they were set up by “…by concerned residents of Southend-on-Sea” may be true, but they neglect to point out that this represents just 0.002% of the borough’s population.

Now, I understand how pressure groups work, I have been in a few myself. I understand that they can be quite small, and I do not have issue with this either. I also share some of SKIPP’s values (and have happily supported them, and donated). I do object to them attempting to defeat a Labour candidate – but that is democracy. But where all this unravels is that in every organisation I have been a member of there is accountability. If SKIPP cherish democracy so much then I suggest they take a look in the mirror first.


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