Confused Tories #3

In today’s (February 25th) letters page of the Southend Echo is a missive from David Burzotta, (Conservative) Candidate Westborough ward. He criticises Cllr Martin Terry for his decision to stand down this year in Westborough in order to stand in Thorpe ward.

I, too, find fault in Martin’s decision.

However. Mr Burzotta asks: “Why is he creating extra cost for the taxpayer …”

I am intrigued. Perhaps the Southend Echo could inquire of Mr Burzotta how and what this extra cost will be? Aside from a few extra sheets of paper required for nominations, the by-election runs alongside the other May local elections, and therefore there is no real extra cost at all.

I would suggest that Cllr Kaye incurred more cost by switching sides mid-term – which necessitated not just extra paperwork but also councillor and officer time.


4 Responses to Confused Tories #3

  1. Nigel Holdcroft says:


    As I understand it there is a suggestion that Cllr Terry will not stand down as a Westborough Councillor until he knows if he has been successful in Thorpe. If this is correct, and he has been reluctant to confirm one way or the other, then if he were to win Thorpe the Council would be put to the cost of running a separate by election in Westborough at obvious cost. Hope that clarifies David’s reasonable concern. Obviously if Martin wants to confirm that this is not the case he will only have to answer for running from his ward before his term has finished.

  2. Nigel, whilst what you suggest is possible, surely Martin Terry will lose all credibility, as well as the trust of any potential Thorpe supporters, if he attempts to seek election whilst still representing Westborough ward.

    Hedging his bets in such a way must be counter-productive.

    I can imagine you would almost wish he would do this – it would significantly improve Alex Kaye’s chances of remaining a councillor after May.

  3. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    Three points.

    1. Supernumerary bye elections always incur additional costs. I have researched the matter in full and can confirm that David Burzotta’s (Con) comments regarding excess costs are correct.

    2. Sitting Councillors do not need to resign their seat before standing in another bye election.
    I have researched the matter in full and can confirm that Cllr Holdcroft’s (Con) comments regarding electoral rules are correct.

    3. The big question is; will Cllr “Chicken Run” Terry resign his Westborough seat before or after standing for Thorpe Ward? Either way; it is defining moment for which he will be remembered. Cowards are generally disliked and never taken too seriously by the public!
    Will Cllr “Chicken Run” Terry become Cllr Terry “the (unelectable) Turkey”?

  4. David Glover: I fail to see how a by-election held at the same time as a full set of council elections will incur extra costs. Polling stations will be open anyway. Ballot cards will be issued as normal. No extra ballot papers are required.

    The extra costs, if they exist, will be marginal at best. Do not construe this as support for what Cllr Terry is about to do.

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