Coming home to roost

So there we have it, Chicken-run Terry thinks that his best chances of remaining a councillor lie in an escape from Westborough to the comfort of Thorpe ward. This somewhat underlines a few points that I have made over the years.

Martin obviously cares more about his status than the residents of Westborough. He may think that his work there has been somewhat undermined by Cllr Velmurugan, but he must admit to being at least partly at fault. It is also on his watch that the warring amongst the residents’ groups has occurred.

Martin, a Thorpe resident who in reality had little affinity with Westborough, has exposed his shallow pretensions. He is moving to avoid an almost inevitable 2015 defeat, and thus has shown that the accoutrements of office subsume any real desire to fight for Westborough. Moving after defeat is one thing, moving to avoid defeat is political cowardice.

His move to Thorpe further undermines claims that his merry band is not a party. The Thorpe trio pictured in today’s local newspaper is a giveaway – you are either independent or part of a team. What irks is that Cllr Terry wants to have it both ways.

What is really quite interesting is that we are seeing a picture developing where the Independents are gradually replacing the Tories in the east of the borough, whilst becoming shrinking band in the West. I think Cllr Velmurugan (if he stands again) will lose his Westborough seat in 2016, leaving Cllr Aylen somewhat isolated over in Belfairs.

What will Thorpe voters make of all this? I expect Martin will secure a comfortable victory in May, and this once super-safe Conservative ward continues to show what complacency leads to.

It does make you wonder whether a decent UKIP campaign here in 2015 will see the under-performing James Duddridge removed from the green benches, especially if the Tories fail to hold a single ward this year in his constituency. A local election wipe-out was once unthinkable, whereas now it is a distinct possibility.


4 Responses to Coming home to roost

  1. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    We have had enough of the so called Independent Group and it’s “Leader” to last a lifetime!

  2. Brenda Smith. Chairman. RAW 2012. says:

    Great news for Westborough.
    Bad news for Thorpe.
    I don’t envy them!

  3. Tristan Bembridge says:

    Great points there Julian, Thorpe – a ward which in recent years has been massively Conservative started electing Independents as the voters realized, that along with disaffected Tory voters – could unite behind a mutual candidate, however if there is one thing that I do know of people down there is that they are livid following an Independent defecting to the Conservatives and handing them back the council, if the people of Thorpe wanted a Conservative administration they would have voted for it, so if Councillor Terry thinks he will be elected with a huge majority he may well be disappointed, I suspect a lot of voters in the ward (mostly the disillusioned Tories) may well turn to UKIP in big numbers and then Terry would be on a wafer thin majority or hopefully defeated, the people of Thorpe deserve better.

    As for Westborough I do feel deeply sad for the residents of the ward, whenever I visit there I see an area totally let down and starting to decay, the residents are lovely down there and despite Liberal Democrats disillusioned belief that they will have two new councilors to join their remaining last councilor people down there are fuming with how poor they are finding themselves, Westborough has many deprived parts and working poor, along with the hard pressed middle, and whilst I know these are very much elections to be fought on local issues, my many friends in Westborough are vowing never to vote Lib Dem/Tory ever again in any form, the good people of Westborough would be very sensible in seeing Labour come home to save their local services and have councilors who actually get things done, real change, nothing less after all these wasted years. I hope Westborough will play a big part in helping the rest of Southend in sweeping the Conservatives out of office.

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