My remembrances from childhood are of as much spent out of doors as was possible. This included snow-bound Christmases, and only downpours meant time spent at home. Nowadays, childhoods are largely spent enslaved to the latest technological wizardry, or so it seems at times. Of course, this is a gross exaggeration, although it is not an exaggeration to say that today’s youngsters spend less time outdoors than we did in the sixties and seventies. But, we are facing the prospect of seeing a generation to come who will not live longer than we do, and we are seeing disturbing signs of over-eating and lack of exercise in the very youngest.

There have been a number of initiatives to address this, and my particular concern is to see wide open green spaces preserved – including those school fields yet to be sold off. Play England has similar goals. Whilst one cannot seriously expect no greenery to disappear under roads, houses and commercial enterprises, we can ask and expect that access to green spaces be incorporated into any development plans.

I suppose gone forever are the days of tin can football played in nearly carless streets.


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