Lamb and Holland, Southend Tories leadership team for post-May

Earlier this week the Conservative group on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council chose its new leader and deputy leader for after the May 22nd elections. The results can be filed under ‘unsurprising’, but there are one or two things worthy of comment.

The baton of group leader has passed to another West Leigh councillor. John Lamb, currently deputy leader, was always the most likely winner. Doubtless he will be hoping to take on the role of Leader of the Council in May too, although he may have to be content with an opposition role. His tenure may be characterised by the shrinking numbers in his group.

Wakering resident Ann Holland has secured the deputy leadership. I have no idea if the role was contested, but I wonder what it says to those actually resident within the borough to have yet another stranger foisted upon them by the Tories. The Conservatives in Southend-on-Sea seem to believe that the town should be run by people who do not live here.

I find the timing of this election a bit odd. These roles take effect after the May elections, when there will be change in the personnel that make up the Tories group. It is possible that Cllr Lamb and Holland’s support could come from those either about to retire or be defeated. The Labour group elects its leader after the election, when all those affected have a say.


14 Responses to Lamb and Holland, Southend Tories leadership team for post-May

  1. I presume she works in the borough, else I don’t understand how she can be a Councillor, let alone deputy leader.

  2. Once you have been elected then you can claim the Council as your employer.

  3. That is absurd. So she could live in North Wales, and still sit on the council and contest reelections?

  4. David Glover. Secretary. RAW 2012. says:

    Re: Councillors.

    Candidates must be; over 18 on nomination day; on the electoral register or have worked, lived or held an interest (e.g. land) within the borough for twelve complete months before nomination day.

    Anyone who works for Southend Borough Council or in a politically restricted post can not stand.

  5. Paul Collins says:

    Sorry Julian to pick you up on your error, but Councillor Holland does live on the Borough of Southend, and Soutchurch Ward, just. If you check, you see this to be the case. Mr Glover is also correct to point out that you cannot be a Member of the Council and an employee of the Council at the same time.

  6. Sorry Paul, I think it’s you who is wrong here. Cllr Holland’s registered address can be found here ( Plugging it into Election Maps,, or even the Southend BC website indicates that is outside the borough, rather being in Rochford District.

    And David, I believe Julian is talking about a councillor using their status as councillor to qualify them to stand for election, having moved out of the borough. Not working for the council, but classing their role as councillor as “work” under the requirements.

  7. Paul could have asked Cllr Holland herself, who will confirm that I am correct.

    Paul could have also tried putting her postcode into

  8. neilmonnery says:

    Julian – possibly if you’d done that then you’d have spent the past few years railing about how the leader of Southend Council doesn’t live in the borough, however you never worked that out, it has been an in-joke for quite some time how you never worked this out, believing that he lived in West Leigh, where as he in fact lives in Castle Point’s St. James Ward.

  9. I had not checked Cllr Holdcroft’s address before, but am now tempted (when time allows) to check all of their councillors.

    The current Tory leader lives in a road split by the borough boundary – I make him one door away from being in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

    It does remind me of when I was campaigning in Castle Point – there is something like 200 Leigh-on-Sea addresses in that constituency. David Amess MP complained (in the debate around the proposed boundary changes) that merging the Leigh wards into Castle Point was wrong because there was no linkage.

    It just goes to show how arbitrary boundaries can be.

    Anyway, so there are three Tories in the council who live outside of the borough. How come your lot have never brought this up?

  10. neilmonnery says:

    I have no idea and am saying this from solely a personal standpoint – does it really matter? Gordon Brown lived in a constituency but represented the party in a neighbouring one when he was Prime Minister.

    Is someone who has lived in Southend for 13 months more of a Southender than someone who lives one house away from the boundaries? Or someone who has lived in the borough all their lives but now has moved outside the borough but still works there?

    I think it is a mountain out of a molehill, but that is just my personal opinion. There are far far far more important things to fret about than whether councillors live in the town or just outside the boundaries.

    You yourself have attempted to win election to the House of Commons in seats where you do not and did not reside, are you saying that nationally it is ok but locally its not?

    I’d much prefer to spend my time addressing actual problems, not sniffing around addresses and whether someone has the right to use a photo on a blog. I still think you should apologise for that.

    You can stand for council if you meet any of the four criteria provided, thems are the rules, it is the same for everyone. If a fantastic Labour person from say Southchurch moved to Great Wakering but still worked in the town, would you want the party to turn them away if they wanted to stand in Southend? Would you say – No – you can only stand for Rochford Council? Even if they had no affinity with Rochford and thought themselves as a Southender born and bred?

  11. Neil, I’d point out those examples you mentioned of MPs living in different constituencies is the equivalent of a councillor representing one ward but living in another.

    A councillor living outside the borough is – in my view – better compared to a non-dom in the House of Lords.

  12. Neil does rather like to compare apples and pears. Still, being a loyal Lib Dem he must race to the defence of his blue pals.

  13. neilmonnery says:

    Well I have learned one thing today. Actually engaging you in proper grown-up political discussion is pointless. I also had it reiterated that you prefer cheap, lazy, attempted political point scoring to actual debate. I suppose I probably shouldn’t bother in future.

    Oh and still waiting on an apology for you having a go at Cllr. Collins’ for publishing a photo that has already been cleared and was in fact taken by Southend Council. I’m sure this is coming…

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