Southchurch Library in numbers

There are some interesting figures for Southchurch Library, which (to my mind anyway) demonstrate that it is a community asset of real and intrinsic value.

Visits Books issued
2011 64,286
2012 51,518 54,470
2013 58,041 56,679

The last year has seen a noticeable, and significant, increase in visits and loans. The library is open for thirty-four hours each week, and assuming that this is for every week of the year this produces a figure of thirty-three visits per hour.

A person visiting the library every two minutes for every week of the year indicates that if this facility is lost then the Southchurch community, and others nearby, will be the losers.

Southchurch Library offers far more than books to borrow. I imagine the parents of those children who use it with their friends, or who are occupied by the storyrhymes, holiday and craft activities will wonder how to keep their offspring content. Whilst there are other libraries, none are in easy walking distance of Southchurch.

Libraries offer access to the internet, somewhere for the lonely and cold to gather, a place for meeting and meetings. We must fight for our community libraries.


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