Let’s see who can be the most extreme on immigration this May

Tony Cox, the Shoebury Blogger, has introduced the Conservative Eastern region MEP candidates.

They are numbered in the picture on his blog, and I presume this reflects their position on the party list. The Conservatives won three seats in 2009, and acquired a fourth in 2011 when David Campbell Bannerman defected from UKIP. Mr Campbell Bannerman is numbered three on this photo, and if the Tories managed a similar result in May to what they got in 2009 he will remain an MEP.

Mr Campbell Bannerman is described as the “main author of UKIP’s 2010 election manifesto”. This manifesto, a collection of the eclectic and bizarre, has been disowned by the current UKIP leadership.

In a series of 2010 documents, Ukip proposed detailed plans such as capping the number of foreign players in football teams, bringing back “proper dress” to the theatre, scrapping paid maternity leave, allowing corporal punishment in schools and holding referendums on new places of worship such as mosques.
Other ideas included making the Circle line tube on London underground circular again, investigating discrimination against white people at the BBC, and teaching schoolchildren more about the role of Arabs and African states in slavery.

One cannot help but wonder that if Campbell Bannerman is the author of this sort of drivel whether those in his current party who referred to Ukippers as ‘swivel-eyed loons’ had him in mind.

The Tories are seemingly now engaged in a race to the bottom with UKIP on immigration. The leaflet on Tony’s blog has this:

For more than a decade Labour failed to control immigration. This put a strain on wages and extra pressure on the welfare system, NHS and schools from people who had not contributed to them through their hard work and taxes.

It is a fact that immigrants contribute more than they take in taxes and that many of them work in institutions like the NHS and schools. It is not true that Labour did nothing about immigration, and yet it is true that the current Government has weakened UK border controls. Labour also wanted ID cards – an idea opposed and abandoned by the Conservatives.

It is predicted that this May’s European Parliamentary election will see the Conservative Party outside of the top two for the first time ever. If they insist on parking on UKIP’s ground then they will get what they deserve.


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