Cllr Ayling, counting chickens

Councillor Brian Ayling (Independent, St Luke’s) in claiming that his Group will be running the town after this May’s elections not only jumps the gun somewhat, but is clearly ignorant of the arithmetic that is needed to see this happen.

Currently, the Independent Group (not a party, but still in possession of shared literature, website, a leader with an allowance, etc.) have nine councillors. To run the town one requires a minimum of twenty-six (thus giving a majority of one in the chamber). Is Cllr Ayling seriously claiming that is group, and their partners in the Faustian pact (UKIP), will win all seventeen wards in May? Of course it is possible (provided they find enough candidates), but it does stretch credibility.

I am curious how an unwhipped loose alliance of independent people can even claim they all their members will want this? After all, if they are really independently minded then it cannot be taken for granted how they will act. Surely collective action is a denial of their stated ethos?

I also wonder what the electorate, clearly of a mind in Southend to oust the Tories, would think of a Group who are so closely aligned with a party (in UKIP) who are to the right of the Conservative Party? It is not change if you merely replace one set of Tories with another.

I also note that Brian takes exception to my writing the truth about his actions on the council. Rather than whingeing about my attempts to shine a light on his voting habits, he should be apologising to the residents of St Luke’s who he has so badly let down.


One Response to Cllr Ayling, counting chickens

  1. Irene says:

    Good one Julian.

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