Jason Eighteen

JasonYesterday was an odd day. A mix of triumph and farce, topped off by disaster. After work and a couple of hours at a council scrutiny committee meeting I got home, and within short order disaster struck. Actually, disaster had struck earlier in the day – I was late to hear of it.

I was a nine-year old uncle. March 14th, 1969. Jason Angelo St.John Eighteen was born in Rochford hospital to my sister. Jason and his mum lived with us for the first eighteen months of Jason’s life.

I have seen Jason intermittently in the intervening years. We led separate lives, but when our paths crossed we always got on well. I like to think he enjoyed his uncle, aunt and cousins’ company. I was ‘Jules’ to Jason, an epithet used by some of those closest to me. He was always ‘Jason’ to me, but often ‘Jay’ to his mates. He was at times a scallywag, always an entertainer; erudite, witty and often brutally frank. I don’t know his politics. I suspect he was largely anti-political, although probably left of centre and definitely environmentally concerned.

I had heard he was very ill, yet news of his passing still shocked. My manner of being informed is a testament to the wired times we live in. My son telephoned me from Australia; another nephew had contacted him to say that Jason’s brother had written something on Facebook. I am always racked with uncertainty when posting this sort of bad news online, but I am grateful to my nephew that he decided to pay tribute to his brother.

I am left wondering why I had not seen more of Jason in recent years, but then maybe we were comfortable enough with each other that this did not matter. I will try to fill the gap with fond memories of long blond dreadlocks, of that cheeky child and knowing adult. And I will make an effort to locate a copy of Jean de Floret.


4 Responses to Jason Eighteen

  1. Mark Goldsmith says:

    I was Jasons best pal when we were 14 and 15 years old respectively. There were five of us. Jay (The girls Fave), Me (Robot Dancer), Andy Bowers (the Hunk). Gary White/Davies (The singer) and Mini Mark Alput. I even met you Jules on a couple of occasions. I now live abroad and have not seen or heard from Jay for at least 5 years and had no Idea he had been unwell. We just lost contact after I had moved away. He was a wonderful guy. It is weird as I have been thinking a lot about him over the last couple of days, wondering how he was. And then another friend Facebooks me to tell me he had passed. If anyone can please tell me what happened to this naughty but great pal of my youth I would be grateful.
    Mark Goldsmith

  2. I do remember you visiting when I lived at Grampian, on the fourteenth floor. That would have been in 1983 or 1984.

  3. Mark Goldsmith says:

    Wow Good memory. my memories from those days can be a little vague lol. I apologise if I misbehaved lol.
    I am so very saddened to hear he had passed. Please tell me what happened.
    I would also love to hear about the rest of he clan. Angela and Christina etc. If they are still about.
    They were all a very important part of my childhood.

  4. Jason had heart failure whilst on the operating table receiving a new liver. The rest of the clan, as you say, are on Facebook (as am I). I am not sure I should write about them here.

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