The bedroom tax effect in Southend, so far

Following on from last week’s informative ‘axe the bedroom tax’ public meeting, organised by Southend Against the Cuts, I made some inquiries as to what the situation was locally.

There have been no evictions to date owing to the bedroom tax .
The number of tenants who have moved on a voluntary basis due to the bedroom tax is currently 59.

The zero evictions number is good news indeed. Quite how voluntary the moves by the fifty-nine were is anybody’s guess.


One Response to The bedroom tax effect in Southend, so far

  1. Cheryl says:

    When you think no-one will be helping you, advising you, or speaking up for you, I imagine you feel pretty powerless to do anything but comply.
    It must be difficult to compile figures that show evictions solely due to bedroom tax arrears, when several taxes are being imposed on the poor and disabled, such as removal of council tax benefit for disabled, scrapping of the Independent living fund and the disability living fund, housing benefit caps.
    It will be interesting to see if the overall housing benefit claims increase, due to these families now claiming to cover costs of private sector rents, which are a good deal more expensive.

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