Blenheim Focus Autumn/Winter Edition 2013/14

BlenheimFocusAutumnWinterIt’s large, it’s glossy. But the increased size means bigger fonts, not more content. It also means a very fuzzy picture of Cllr Duncan Russell.

There is an article entitled ‘Blenheims Blot on the Boulevard’. Aside from the omission of the apostrophe, the former Albany Laundry site is in Nelson Road. I accept that it borders Eastwood Boulevard, but I fear the Lib Dem pursuit of an alliterative headline has meant they have sacrificed accuracy.

They also boast about saving two libraries, neglecting to mention that this condemns Westcliff to a substandard service. Someone should point out to them that for many residents in Blenheim Park ward Westcliff library is their closest, and is chosen by many as their first choice. The ward straddles Westcliff-on-Sea and Leigh-on-Sea, and it appears that the Westcliff part is not being served at all well by its Liberal Democrat councillors.


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