Another year, 2013 in books

This is what I have read and listened to this year. If forced to pick out a ‘best’ I would opt for ‘Dear Boy : The Life Of Keith Moon’, with honourable mentions for ‘The Sisters Who would be Queen : The tragedy of Mary, Katherine & Lady Jane Grey’ and ‘The Last Fighting Tommy’.

Alexander McCall Smith Morality for Beautiful Girls
Ben Goldacre Bad Pharma : How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients
Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking
Christopher Hibbert The Borgias
Danny Danziger The Goldfish Club
David Mitchell Back Story : A Memoir
Doreen Hawkins Drury Lane to Dimapur
Harry Patch with Richard Van Emden The Last Fighting Tommy
Harry Pearson Slipless in Settle : A slow turn around northern cricket
John Mortimer Where There’s a Will
Kate Summerscale Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace
Leanda De Lisle The Sisters Who would be Queen : The tragedy of Mary, Katherine & Lady Jane Grey
Lucy Moore Anything Goes : A biography of the Roaring Twenties
Lynne Truss Making The Cat Laugh
M. C. Beaton Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
Margaret Thatcher The Autobiography 1925-2013
Michael Crichton and Richard Preston Micro
Michael Palin New Europe
Molly Ivins Who Let The Dogs In? : A Personal History Of America’s Most Incredible Political Animals
Ngaio Marsh The Nursing Home Murder
Nick Cohen Pretty Straight Guys
Party of European Socialists Robin Cook : PES President 2001-2004
Pauline Prescott with Wendy Holden Smile Though Your Heart Is Breaking
Pete Townshend Who I Am
Peter Ackroyd London Under
Richard Dawkins The Magic of Reality : how we know what’s really true
Robert Goddard Name To A Face
Robert Goddard Sight Unseen
Robert Lacey Great Tales From English History – Cheddar Man To The Peasants’ Revolt
Robert Rogers Order! Order! : A Parliamentary Miscellany
Roger Moore My Word Is My Bond
Rupa Huq On the Edge : The Contested Cultures of English Surburbia
Ruth Rendell Talking To Strange Men
Ruth Rendell The Saint Zita Society
Ruth Rendell The Thief
Sid Waddell The Road Back Home
Simon Brett A Charles Paris Mystery : The Dead Side of the Mic
Simon Schama The American Future : A History
Simon Sebag Montefiore Jerusalem The Biography
Tony Fletcher Dear Boy : The Life Of Keith Moon

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