Playing fast and loose

Cllr Martin Terry, bandwagon-jumper extraordinaire, is often quoted as complaining about the parties in the council (his party excepted) playing Politics. He repeats this spurious claim in this week’s Leigh and Westcliff Times. My experience is that of all the fifty-one councillors it is Cllr Terry himself who most often plays politics. It really defies belief that he can make these utterances with a straight face.

His party-in-all-but-name has also managed the trick of having him elected as Group Spokesman For Life. For an independent bunch they seem reluctant to share this responsibility, defying the idea of an informal collective. Informal groupings usually share leadership and other roles on a rota system, they do not gift leadership in perpetuity.

I also note that Cllr Terry likes to claim that his group lead the way on many issues in the chamber; for instance, on the grammar school debate. I feel beholden to correct this. It is me, Cllr Ware-Lane, who kick-started the whole discussion, unearthed the facts and figures, and wrote at length about it. Trawl through the archive in this blog if you want confirmation.


2 Responses to Playing fast and loose

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Cllr Terry sit as a party leader on the council?

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