Less of a gauntlet, more like a chicken-run

Yesterday’s Southend Echo carried a story about the Independent Group Leader, Cllr Martin Terry, who is suggesting that was-Independent-now-Conservative Cllr Alex Kaye should stand down, forcing a by-election. In this story Cllr Terry indicated “he was willing to give up his safe seat in Westborough to contest a by-election.”

I have privately wondered whether Cllr Terry, whose grip on Westborough is far from safe (fragile, even), would jump ship to Thorpe ward, the ward he actually lives in. He faces a difficult re-election in 2015, one that will be fought at the same time as the General Election.

If Cllr Kaye does not step down she will be up for re-election next year. Will Cllr Terry challenge her then? If so, there will be two vacancies that will need filling in Westborough (Cllr Paul Collins seeks re-election there in 2014).

Whenever Martin Terry fights his next election I hope his agent does better than the rather slipshod job that he did in Westborough last year.


5 Responses to Less of a gauntlet, more like a chicken-run

  1. Burgess Estate Boy says:

    I wonder if Martin Terry has been endorsed by Ron Woodley especially as it will be difficult for Martin being a former Labour Party candidate in the town to tell residents that he is a ‘Conservative at heart’ as all the two faced Independents in Thorpe often tell residents.

  2. Alan Grubb says:

    Hi Julian

    If Cllr M Terry does jump ship he will be abandoning the westborough residents who voted for him, it just shows what little respect he has for the residents and the westborough ward.

    However one question must be asked, how can he now be heavily involved with SEAL, as people will then think that as he represents Thorpe  and  most of Thorpe  do not have any of the problems associated with the private rented property and absent landlords, therefore is he the best person for the job.

    I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

    I would be interested in your response.

    Alan Grubb


  3. Burgess Estate Boy: I imagine that Cllrs Terry and Woodley have already spoken about this. However two-faced you may imagine the Independents (and I also find their brand of politics dishonest in its essentials) their success in Thorpe cannot be denied. Current Tory polling there is below what Labour were getting in 2001.

    Alan Grubb: You may see it as abandonment, but Cllr Terry is already polishing off his excuses. I have little faith in SEAL’s ability to dealt with problem landlords – I am hoping this will be a short-lived body and wish for licensing to take its place.

  4. Alan says:

    I agree with you that Westborough might not be a safe seat for Cllr Martin Terry. Cllr Martin Terry has said in the past that he lives in Kursal Ward and not Thorpe Ward. Last year labour nearly took Westborough, Independents only won by 38 votes. I also feel that Cllr Martin Terry could step down from Westborough in the next year or not re-stand in Westborough in two years time, I feel this Is utter contempt to the residents of Westborough, to ditch them for Thorpe Ward, But nothing he does now surprises me after what I witness at A.G.M. meeting on the 15TH March 2013. Irene Grubb

  5. David Glover. Secretary RAW 2012. says:

    At the Resident’s Association of Westborough we had to permanently bar Westborough Ward Councillors from attending AGM and EGMs’ due to interference from Councillor Martin Terry.
    We note that Westborough Community Association AGM committee nominees had to apply to the Ward Councillors to register their interest. If an organisation can not run its’ own affairs then they only have themselves to blame if matters go awry.

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