January’s by-election summary

Here is a summary of January’s local elections, ten contests in all.

% votes cast candidates seats won
Conservative 35.2 8 4
Labour 32.8 8 3
Liberal Democrat 12.8 8 3
Independent 6.7 7 0
UKIP 6.7 4 0
Green 3.8 5 0
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0.8 3 0
others 1.2 3 0

2 Responses to January’s by-election summary

  1. Colin Gilbey says:

    I make that the LibDems are still the best performers. They have the same number elected from the same number standing as Labour and with roughly a third of the vote.

  2. I want to know why there was ten contests, and Labour only contested eight of them. This is a constant source of irritation to me, how we cannot manage to find candidates for every contest. Since by-elections are fought in isolation there should be no excuse.

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