Unprincipled and dishonourable: Cllrs Cox and Holdcroft

I have been quoted on two Tory blogs (CruisersAll About the Seafront This Week), quoted from something I wrote in response to some internal council emails. I have always considered internal council emails, aside from public announcements, to be private. I get all sorts of stuff sent to me that I could use – I refrain.

Unlike Cllrs Cox and Holdcroft I will not be repeating what anyone else has written, as tempting as that now is. I consider that Cox and Holdcroft have acted like cads, and I will not lower myself to their standards.

This now throws the whole council email system in disrepute. I have been accused of quoting private emails, a charge I have denied because I have sought permission first.

I will tackle the issue at hand in another posting, but for now I do wonder where this leaves me. Perhaps I should consider all emails as potentially public affairs, which will limit what I respond to.

Let me assure all residents that have contacted me that I have not and will not publish what they send me, nor will I disclose their details to anyone, including council officers, without first seeking their permission. I am not prepared to act without honour.


12 Responses to Unprincipled and dishonourable: Cllrs Cox and Holdcroft

  1. Julian, I’m sorry but on this occasion to label me in a post as unprincipled and dishonest is a bit rich when you want to allow a cruiser event which talks about taking over Southend largly affecting your ward and I spent all weekend minimising the impact to your residents but could not find it in you in any of your posts to let your residents know.

  2. I should also add that I would expect this type of duplicity from some in the Independent Party but I didn’t expect it from you.

  3. Duplicity? I presume you can back up this allegation with some hard facts?


    1. a. Deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.
    b. An instance of deliberate deceptiveness; double-dealing.
    2. The quality or state of being twofold or double.

  4. jayman says:

    If the information is in the public interest then you should publish it. Alternatively you could forward the information on to whom it relates to as information sent or received by government communication systems on government email addresses or by public officials is obtainable by whom it relates to under the freedom of information act 2000.

    the Tory council should be reminded of its place, which is under everyone they represent.

  5. Well lets put it this way. The injunction was granted on Thursday afternoon. You announced your views at a few minutes to six that evening. It was a massive issue due to the media coverage but you made two posts on your blog on Friday but declined to tell residents that you wanted to subject them to an unauthorised car cruise which could have led to racing, noise nuisance, anti social behaviour etc. In my view that is duplicity.

  6. jayman says:

    That would have been a matter for the police as a public order issue. Not one for the council which have other priorities and obligations. council time and resources have been allocated to this matter! did the police make any recommendations for this course of action or was this a council initiative?

  7. Cllr Tony Cox: The whole point is that I announced nothing. I responded to an internal email. If you think that these emails are now fair game for bloggers we are in for some fun.

    You are wrong and you should apologise.

  8. Julian, I did not refer to any email chain in my post, you were the first to refer to emails. I have not published any email and did not even mention you by name. As for apologies, I make no apology for taking the action we did. The only apology should come from you for the misery that you wanted to inflict on your residents on Saturday night.

    Jayman, I can confirm that this wasn’t just a council initative but the injunction had the full support of the Police.

  9. How many “Labour Milton councillor”[s] are there? I made reference to the cruise once, in an email.

    Still, at least I know where I stand now.

  10. Only one…fortunately!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Not for very much longer, fortunately… we are counting the days to there becoming 2.

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