It’s a fecal matter

My recent walks around Leigh, Southend and Westcliff lead me to believe that the festive season is not quite so festive for pedestrians. My experience is one that has eyes pointed towards the ground as one perambulates the avenues of my town as there has been an increase in the incidence of dog faeces. Such is the size of some of the deposits that this cannot just be the outcome of Christmas puppy purchases.

These unhealthy, unsightly, and filthy excreta are often placed in the middle of pavements – there is little evidence that the dogs have been encouraged towards the gutter, and certainly no attempt to consider others.

I have been told that there are only two hundred reported dog shit incidences in Southend every year. This is where statistics are some way short of reality.

Who wants to live in a stinking sewer of a road? Who thinks it clever to tread in dog’s mess? Who finds the idea of giving Toxocariasis to children at all funny? What makes some dog owners responsible, and others inconsiderate?

This ordure issue, straight from the anus of man’s best friend, can only be solved by a combination of education, enforcement, and encouragement. I can state that it is a regular feature of my doorstep conversations.

Whilst I am sure it is a minority of dog owners who fall short of society’s expectations, I have seen many feces. I have seen evidence, as well, of dog owners whose pretence at picking up after their mutt is soon found out when the bag of doo-doo is dumped some way up the road, or around the corner. (It is as if they know that picking up after their dog is the right thing to do but cannot quite see the operation through to completion.)

If you really want to prove how lazy, useless and stupid you really are, let your canine crap in the street. If you care for your fellow humans, and for your dog, pick it up and take it home or put it in a dog bin.


6 Responses to It’s a fecal matter

  1. Simon Isaac says:

    We have tackled one of the main culprits outside our house, he bags it (usually leaving it on the pavement) and as we have asked him to put it on a bin he now throws it in our garden. What is the Council’s responsibility on enforcement? What Can I do about it?

  2. The council’s responsibility is to keep the streets clear of dog excrement. If see any you should report it and the council should arrange to have it cleared. This only applies to the highway and places that the the council own or run – it does not apply to private gardens.

    As for the enforcement of the law – this is a police matter.

  3. And they will be interested?

  4. They should be. Anyone who reports this to the police and receives an unsatisfactory response should complain. That being said, one also has to be realistic.

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