Wasting money, wasting time

It should strike me as perverse, but somehow you almost expected this outcome. To commission an inquiry costing many millions, ensure its independence, and then ignore its recommendations. This is a classic example of how to waste other people’s money.

The Government, in full austerity mode, can steal pennies from the poor and insist that those with disability find work. They can load debt onto students, and rob emergency services of funding. All this is necessary, they say, because of our national indebtedness; all this because the books must balance.

I have paid for the Leveson Inquiry – so have you. We all have. Nearly £6,000,000 of our money, tax-payers money, spent to produce a report that is already heading for the recycle bin.

David Cameron’s has taken Henry Ford’s aphorism about ‘you can any colour you like as long as it is black’ and stood it on its head. ‘You can write what you like, but if I do not agree I will ignore you’ speaks volumes for where his loyalties lie. David Cameron puts the wishes of the press barons above those of the rest of us.

It is now obvious that Mr Cameron had already made up his mind what he was going to do before a word had been uttered by Lord Leveson, before a word had been typed. Mr Cameron is entitled to his views, and entitled to ignore all else. As Prime Minister he is entitled to lead his Government wherever his fancy takes him. What he is not entitled to do is lead the rest of us on a merry dance, offering false hopes then dashing them. He should have said at the outset that this inquiry would ultimately be background chatter.

I have not read the detail in the Leveson report, I have only seen the headlines. I want an independent press, but it has become my view that self-regulation has been a dismal failure. My views are inconsequential because an independent inquiry assimilating all the evidence was formed.

Mr Cameron has seen the doctor, been told what medicine is required, and then told the doctor that all his expertise is in vain because he knows better.

David Cameron is a time-waster and a money-waster. He wants greater efficiencies in public services; he is a public servant – he should take a look at himself.


2 Responses to Wasting money, wasting time

  1. Well, he’s not saying it’s bonkers, so why the volte-face?

    Am I allowed to wonder if the press “have something on him”? (LOL)

    If someone appears to be acting irrationally, it is natural to wonder why. I don’t like to think that our politcal leaders (of whatever colour) are irrational.

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