The Westborough Misinformation Bureau

Cllr Martin Terry’s latest Newsletter includes this: “… I wish to publicly distance myself from some of the comments made by Dr Vel.” Dr Velmurugan has, post-election, described himself as a Conservative.

This attempt at damage limitation will not wash. Cllr Terry was Cllr Velmurugan’s election agent in May; is he really trying to say that wanted him elected whilst profoundly disagreeing with him? If he really wants to put clear water between him and his Westborough colleague he should call on him to resign.

It became clear, earlier this year, that a vote for the Independents in Southend was a vote for the Tories. Cllr Velmurugan has been lavish in his praise of Cllr Holdcroft and his Tory administration whilst the Thorpe Bay Independent trio were far too easily bought off.

Written using shockingly poor grammar, the stuck record that is Cllr Terry still maintains the pretence that his group are not a de facto party. This defies reality. He proudly announces (under the heading of ‘political round up’) that he is “lead spokesman of the opposition” (who is lead spokeswoman?). He has a group, collects a group leader’s stipend, and has group meetings where group decisions are taken. How is this different from the Labour, Liberal Democrat, or Conservative groups?

This newsletter is full of half-truths and misleading statements. My belief is that the residents of Westborough are now waking up to the reality of what representation by Independent councillors really means. The manic dissembler’s time is up – it is time for Westborough to be represented by people stand up for what they believe in.


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