The Southend PCC votes and where they went

The Police and Crime Commissioner votes cast yesterday in the Borough of Southend –on-Sea were cast as follows (first preferences):

Mick Thwaites Independent 7837 42.8%
Nicholas Alston Conservative 3853 21.0%
Val Morris-Cook Labour 2528 13.8%
Linda Belgrove Independent 1512 8.3%
Andrew Smith UKIP 1118 6.1%
Robin Tilbrook English Democrats 1102 6.0%
spoilt 356 1.9%

In the end Labour’s vote was better than I had thought. Sure, it was down on the 19.3% we achieved in the borough in May, but set this against the 11.7% drop for the Tories and our vote held up reasonably well in comparison.

Mick Thwaites’ vote appears to come from the Independent supporters and Liberal Democrats plus some hacked off Tories.

UKIP’s vote is marginally down compared to May, whilst the English Democrats saw a 2.1% rise (caused by a Borough-wide vote as compared to just ten wards contested in May).

The unusual nature of this election, coupled with a terrible turnout, make over-analysing pointless. The next challenge, in June 2014, will see an entirely different set of circumstances.


One Response to The Southend PCC votes and where they went

  1. One in thirty-five Southenders voted for Nick Alston – call that a mandate?

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