Group, Diwali, CAB

BAPS Shri Swaminarayam Mandir celebration

Another Labour Group meeting chaired by me this week; Cllr David Norman is recovering from an operation and is temporarily absent from council meetings. My attempt at a short and swift meeting singularly failed – we managed two and a half hours. Still, by the standard of some of the meetings I attend that was a short one.

Until recently I was unaware that my ward contained a Hindu temple. It is tucked away in a road with no residences, and so only infrequently visited by me. I was delighted to attend for a short time their Diwali celebrations. Whilst I am an atheist I do campaign for freedom of worship. I enjoyed a small sample of their food and was able to meet and discuss some issues concerning their community.

I recently became a member of the Southend-on-Sea Guild of Help and Citizens Advice Bureau. Their AGM was held this week and I was delighted to be invited to attend.

Tomorrow I am seeing my second architect in eight days regarding a planning application. I am also speaking with SKIPP about the central library. Sunday morning is game three of my football season: Leigh Ramblers versus Area Boys.


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