This is not a dress rehearsal

‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’ – a poor cliché or leitmotif, depending on how curmudgeonly one is feeling at the time. By nature I am an optimist, and my take is to try to live life to the full. I also believe that change can come at any time, and hence life can be renewed at any moment.

Not having a faith I do not look forward to inheriting the Earth, going to Heaven, or waking up in paradise. My El Dorado has to be made here and now.

Living the dream may be fantastic, and I do not pretend my life is exactly as I plan it. However, Shakespeare was almost right when he said all the world was a stage; unfortunately, whilst there are players, far too many are in the audience. Life is to be lived – it should not be a spectator sport.

Omelettes and eggs; change, ambition, creativity – it is not just the rustling of a few feathers but also the acceptance of mistakes. It is not the making of mistakes that is wrong, it is the not learning from them.

Be the change you want to see. Whilst we may seem powerless at times, every journey really does have a first step. (And as I am over-indulging in clichés, every oak tree began as an acorn.) Do not accept second-best. Do not walk by or turn away from bad deeds. Reject unfairness and intolerance. If you did nothing worthwhile yesterday it does not mean you have to do nothing worthwhile tomorrow.

Go watch the ants. Marvel at the selflessness, their industry, their contentment. The infinite small deeds that each perform for the greater good. The ultimate success of their colony is their El Dorado.

A better world will only come one way, a better you too.

My father used to quote this:

Those who know and know that they know – they are the wise – follow them.
Those who know but don’t know that they know- they are misguided – teach them.
Those who don’t know and know they don’t know- they are the asleep – wake them.
Those who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know – they are fools – shun them.


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