In it for the tea

My favourite meetings invariably begin with a cup of tea, and last night’s Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency Labour Party meeting did indeed begin with said libation. I may be in politics just for the tea.

I was the guest speaker, billed as ‘lively’. I guess this is better than argumentative or boring! I spoke on ‘The Co-operative Movement’ – which despite my being secretary of Southend and Rochford Co-operative Party I feel distinctly less than knowledgeable about. Anyway, it seemed to go well.

I followed a very engaging discussion about the local elections. Rayleigh and Wickford CLP covers most of the Rochford District Council area, and although Labour drew a blank here they at least fielded a candidate in every ward and were comfortably second on vote share.


One Response to In it for the tea

  1. elizannie says:

    Loved this Julian! Back when rocks were soft and I belonged to Rayleigh branch Young Socialists the Labour Party Womens’ Section always provided tea and refreshments at general meetings [YS meetings were held in a coffee bar. YS females were not daft] I vowed I would never be seen as the refreshment provider in the political spectrum. And I never have although this may be partly due to my absolute abysmal skill in tea and coffee making due to not drinking the stuff. [One son-in-law on first visiting our house was heard to whisper ‘would she have left the tea bag in this cup?’]
    Political parties need support in all sorts of forms and tea, biscuits and cakes are amongst the most important!
    BTW On the Ford Dunton picket line yesterday morning we were offered soft drinks but such seasoned old campaigners as us had all our refreshments to hand. But we are also at the age when we have to take chairs too!

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