A convenient volte-face

Dr Vel’s latest ad

So, Cllr Dr Marimuthu Velmurugan, remind me how you voted in the Leadership election in the Council Chamber at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council? Oh yes, I recall now – you abstained; so much for the hearty congratulations.

Your maths is as dodgy as your memory – Cllr Holdcroft was re-elected with 25 votes (the entire Conservative group).

Cllr Dr Velmurugan appears to be distancing himself from the Independent Group, which will surprise those who actually read his election literature. His agent, Cllr Martin Terry, is group leader, and his material was the same as many other Independent candidates.

He may now be puckering up to Cllr Holdcroft, but his stance was somewhat different when he was actually chasing votes.


3 Responses to A convenient volte-face

  1. Ian Pope says:

    I hope this signals the end of the Non-Party Party in Southend! A 3- way split by the looks of it – the Woodley (‘renegade’) faction, the Terry faction and Dr Vel. A fantastic Popular Front of Judea moment!

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