Congrats to Val, I s’pose

So, Thurrock councillor Val Morris-Cook will be Labour’s representative in the Essex Commissioners election on November 15th. Although I am pleased for Val, to be honest I cannot get too excited about these elections.

Politicising the police is wrong, electing these commissioners is wrong, and at the moment I have little appetite for any campaigning for these elections.

Don’t get me wrong; if asked I will do my bit, but without enthusiasm. This is not just because having gone down with a chest cold I don’t feel up to much at the moment – I was unmoved prior to this by the thought of these elections.

I do not know who will be Val’s opponents, although I understand Mick Thwaites is also standing. I am unsure what campaigning there will be, and although now removed from campaign planning in Southend I am sure of my ground when stating that no plans have yet been made.

Doubtless something will be done, although I am concerned at what cost. As treasurer of my constituency party I am acutely aware just how precious our funds are and I cannot imagine there is much desire to spend all of money on elections that few of us in the Labour movement really believe in.

We put up candidates because, despite our misgivings, we believe that every voter in every election should have the choice of a Labour candidate.

In Southend, after the November election, we voters have an nineteen month wait before we can engage our suffrage, and that is for the European Parliament elections, as well as another round of council elections. Elsewhere in Essex there are county elections next May.


2 Responses to Congrats to Val, I s’pose

  1. David says:

    Politicising the police is wrong, electing these commissioners is wrong

    I cannot agree more. “Because the police have to be democratically accountable” say the proposers. The current system (police authority committees) seem to do just this (albeit indirectly) whilst keeping the police out of politics most of the time (although in the North East we still suffer the distrust arising from the politicising of the police during the miners’ strike).

    What next? Electing the magistrates and judges?

    We live in a system of indirect democracy – even the Government is effectively indirectly elected (by the weight of numbers of MPs elected to parliament – we do not have presidential elections to “make the PM democratically accountable”).

    Apparently Police and Crime Commissioners (people who commission crime?) are an improvement and police committees should be aboloished because we don’t know the names of people on the police committees. Well I have news for our politicians – most people don’t know the names of their MPs or their councillors – do we abolish them and replace them with a President and all-powerful Mayors?

    I hope not.

  2. Terry Weldon says:

    Doon’t waste too much money, whilst I love this county I realise it is intrinsically conservative. I hate the fact but recognise reality.

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