It’s a queer thing

On my longish to do list is a re-write of the Labour manifesto for the Southend Borough Council elections. This year will see only minor revisions, but it is a pressing task with a looming deadline.

Amongst the amendments will be a commitment under culture and arts to look into the subject of a Gay Pride march for Southend. Labour in Southend is not yet committed to having this event, but I think it sensible that if the Gay community within our town want such a thing then the local party should be supportive. In other words, our commitment will be to support whatever the local Gay community want (and perhaps to avoid being a hostage to fortune I should add ‘within reason’). I would invite any members of the local Gay community to get in touch and let us know their views.

One of the few commitments Prime Minister Cameron has made that I can whole-heartedly endorse is to the equalisation of marriage rights. Gay marriage makes sense to me.

It is a queer thing some of the arguments against equality. The “it is Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve” argument is somewhat short of logical underpinning. If Adam and Eve were the originators for all mankind, then their grandchildren must have been the result of incest. Are the fundamentalists arguing for this as well? Of course not.

I accept that some faiths have issues with homosexuality, and I do not find it reasonable to insist on gay marriages receiving a blessing in their establishments. However, this is no argument against marriage being conducted in a register office, or in a church belonging to a more liberal and open-minded sect.

Some church officials are using overblown rhetoric, stating that gay marriage will undermine the institution and does not fulfil the basic reasoning behind it. Yet gay couples can and do have children, can be as committed to each other as any straight couple, and be just as conformist in all other aspects. Much that was acceptable when biblical and other rules were laid down has gone away – harems and infanticide for example – society moves on.

I have also argued for full equality on adoption as well. For me it is a simple argument of what is best for the child. Being heterosexual is not guarantee of parental ability, and being gay nowadays should be no barrier. Gone is the stigma and illegality. Children suffer from lack of parents, not because their parents may be of the same gender.

3 Responses to It’s a queer thing

  1. Robert Hagedorn says:

    Adam and Eve, not Adam and ? Google First Scandal.

  2. Jack Monroe has written a reply to this (Southend Pride) and signs off her piece with an “over to you, Julian”.

    I am not gay and so will not be organising a Pride event; I see my role as kick-starting a discussion and offering support. I will be making soundings over the coming weeks and doing what I can to encourage. Ultimately though, any event will have to have the support of the local gay community.

    It is a cliché, but watch this space anyway.

  3. oursouthend says:

    P14, today’s Echo! Your Pride musing has a corner 🙂

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