Who to vote for in Basildon

The Labour candidates in the Basildon Borough Council elections on May 5th are

Billericay East – Patricia Reid
Billericay West – Geoffrey John Bores
Burstead – Santa Nina Bennett
Fryerns – Allan Robert Davies
Fryerns – David Thomas Kirkman
Laindon Park – John McCrea
Lee Chapel North – Nigel John Murray Smith
Nethermayne – Andrew Forrest Gordon
Pitsea North West – Keith Bobbin
Pitsea South East – Mark Paul Walker
St.Martin’s – Patricia Ann Rackley
Vange – Daniel Munyambu
Wickford Castledon – Sarah Elizabeth Davies
Wickford North – Thomas Arthur Kirkman
Wickford Park – Andrew Charles Buxton

The total number of candidates for each party is

15 Labour
15 Conservative
14 Liberal Democrat
2 Independent
1 National Front
1 No description


One Response to Who to vote for in Basildon

  1. Rob Brown says:

    I am dissapointed with Doug. From what little I know of him he would be great in the right party but as it is he is only helpng the Tories strenghten their grip on Southend.

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