Wanted: more trees, less tarmac

Question: how do you eat an elephant? Answer: one bite at a time. This advice, motto maybe, is used to describe how one would tackle a seemingly impossibly large task. It could be used to illustrate what is happening in Southend and the burial of much of the borough under concrete, tarmac and brick.

Every verge encroached upon, every path widened, every tree chopped down, every garden block-paved; all contribute to an environment that does nothing for our wildlife, climate change, and aesthetic sensitivities.

I can only hope that as we take from Mother Nature in one place we give back in another.

I want a greener Southend, an environmentally friendly Southend, a Southend that challenges the view that progress equates with concrete.

I want to investigate the possibility of having urban woodland within the borough. These need not be vast tracks set aside for trees; house-sized plots can be used. I do not want demolition of existing structures to create these urban woodlands, but do see areas around the borough that would make ideal sites, areas without buildings, or where buildings have already been knocked down.

In the current economic climate I do realise this is not the highest of priorities. However, saving public services and creating a benign business setting and making a town that meets the twin challenges of conservation and tackling climate change are not mutually exclusive.

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