Bob promises to break spending limit

Here is an email from Castle Point’s Member of Parliament:

From: SPINK, Robert
To: SPINK, Robert
Sent: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 13:58
Subject: From Bob The election is almost upon us. g

Dear Friends,

I hope I find you very well. If I can help you in any way, just let me know.

The election is almost upon us. Most Labour candidates are funded by Union money, Tories by Ashcroft £millions. Yet both my opponents have also made several funding appeals.

I’m Independent; no party, no party membership, no fundraisers; but I am free to do what is right for you. The election will cost me about £16,000.

I expect to largely meet these costs myself, though I’ve received a few kind donations already. I am not making an appeal for funds. But if you do wish to contribute, however little, I would be delighted.

Kindly keep the evening of Saturday 19th June free for another original ‘Drifters Evening’ in my garden, whatever the election result.

Very best wishes


I would like to correct one or two things.

• My campaign is not funded by union money.
• Dr Spink does have a party – he formed one! (Has he forgotten about this already?)
• If the election does cost him £16000 he will be breaking the law – there are strict limits on expenditure.

I refer to

The Electoral Commission’s guidance also sets out the candidate expenditure limits for the formal election campaign period (the short campaign):
2.14 In the short campaign, you can spend £7,150 plus:
5p per Parliamentary elector in a borough/burgh constituency

In 2009 the electorate in Castle Point was 67,188. This makes a total allowable spend of £10,509.40 based on last year’s figures. Allowing for a small growth in the electorate we are still nowhere near £16,000.

Dr Spink’s maths are almost as bad as George Osborne’s!

9 Responses to Bob promises to break spending limit

  1. Ted Pugh says:

    Scooped by a PPC…

    Nice one Julian.

  2. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    Ted Pugh: There is nothing to stop you also writing on this – you can even link to my post!

    At times Dr Spink seems a very able politician; at other times he appears thoroughly daft.

    I guess he has ensured that his election expenses will receive a close inspection.

  3. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    Also, I am struggling to remember making a funding appeal. I am not denying it, only I cannot recall doing so.

    I do not spend much. My campaigning preference is to knock on doors, which costs almost nothing.

    I also accept that I will be outspent by both Dr Spink and Ms Harris.

    Thank goodness blogging is free!

  4. Ted Pugh says:

    I could not better that story Julian. You have all the elements a journalist requires.

    All the credit is yours and I hope my site sends you the deserved traffic.

    (It is also nice to know that mine is not a lone voice on ‘the other side’ to Spink).

    He is very able, Julian – that’s where the danger lies…

    Very best wishes for your campaign by-the-way.

  5. BrownBread says:

    Oh – “The Electoral Commission’s guidance…blah, blah”

    And MP’s (Prospective or otherwise) are renowned for following financial guidance and rules aren’t they?

  6. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    If you have proof to the contrary you should do something about it.

    Your lazy cynicism will find my trash bin again!

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  8. Bill Baker says:

    Dont be over optimistic Julian. Nothing personal but I cannot see the electorate in this area voting for socialist values after the demise of our community because of the last 13 years of labour. Out of curiosity do you support a referendum on letting the people decide on teh EU or not or are you also tongue in cheek follower of party indoctrination and believe the people should be denied a right to vote on such issues. Not withstanding the fact that the majority want out of the European Union, it seems both Labour and Tory are too scared to put this to the test as it will upset their ‘new world order ambitions and personal pension funds with cushdy unappointed positions in the EU.

    We are entering troubled times politically and socially and it is all the fault of Labour, which the people now realise, so as I said, do not raise your hopes.

  9. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    Bill Baker: I see no demise of our community – quite the reverse. I also remind you that Labour won Castle Point in 1997 and only narrowly lost in 2001.

    I think we need a debate on our future within the EU. We have had a refendum on this, in 1975, granted by Harold Wilson’s Labour Government.

    I am pro-EU, although I accept that there are some worrying shortcomings that urgently need addressing.

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