Three selections in the East of England

There were three Parliamentary selections resolved in the East of England this week.

Stevenage have selected Sharon Taylor (to replace Barbara Follett).

Luton South have selected Gavin Shuker (to replace Margaret Moran).

Thurrock have selected Carl Morris (to Andrew MacKinlay).

These three seats are currently held by Labour. Their MPs are standing down at the General Election.

John Cook was selected for Norwich North last week.


7 Responses to Three selections in the East of England

  1. In which ordinary CLP members probably had little say seeing the NEC has hijacked selections of PPC candidates.

  2. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    Why do you say that? Do you have any facts to base this on? I sit on the Regional Board, and from my viewpoint (which might be a bit closer than your’s) there has been no interference.

  3. Of course. It was in one of the reports from Ellie Reeves of the NEC saying that where an MP is resigning the selection of PPCs will be a matter for the NEC. If you do not have the report I will happily forward it via email.

  4. Julian Ware-Lane says:

    I can categorically state that this is not the case for the selections in the East of England. Feel free to withdraw your unfounded allegations.

  5. John Cowan says:

    Having also served with Julian on the Regional Board I can confirm that the NEC have not hijacked any of the selections in the East of England.

    With reference to John Cook and Sharon Taylor both of whom I have worked with within the party they will be excellent MP’s.

    Both John and Sharon have a good background in Local Government with a strong practical approach to solving problems.

  6. Ian Gilbert says:

    Julian is correct – I can certainly confirm that the Thurrock selection was held in the usual way and Carl Morris won a vote of the membership. He would make an excellent MP. If an MP steps down in January there simply would not be time to run a normal selection, and I would think in that case it would be quite right for the NEC to be prepared to act very quickly. That’s certainly not happened so far though.

    I have a few criticisms of the party machine from time to time, but people who just post lazy cut-and-paste attacks without checking facts should really find something more constructive to do.

  7. Julian, I am very pleased to hear that the selections were handled appropriately. I don’t get any pleasure from the above at all and am very glad that members are not being bypassed! If that’s the case you can consider my words completely and absolutely withdrawn.

    However they are not unfounded allegations nor just a random attack as Ian here would make out. The word on this comes directly from the NEC itself in saying that the selections of a PPC from now on in a seat in which an MP is retiring will be down to the NEC. The process to which CLP members are involved in the process I suspect would therefore be more limited than may typically be the case.

    I am unaware if thus far any PPC has been selected with that criteria in place under the auspice of the NEC Special Selections Panel. However in such a case where the NEC has taken a greater role in selections there is, I believe, a legitimate case for concern.

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