A fair world is a world without tax havens

Tax havens are something I would like to see the back of. There is nothing wrong in trying to minimise one’s tax burden, but avoidance altogether is immoral.

As a socialist I want an equitable society. This does not mean everyone earning and owning the same, but it does mean a level playing field at the start of life, income and attainment being merit-based, and everyone paying their fair share of taxes.

Everyone benefits from the things taxes give us.

This site List of Tax Havens is wrong when it states about personal freedom. Everyone is protected by the police, drives on roads, uses the general infrastructure, benefits from education (not just their own, but other people’s too). Still, the list of havens is a useful starting point for understanding how much needs to be done.

It is odd just how many of these havens have links to the UK. Doing something about these cannot be that difficult. War On Want have a campaign about tax dodging.


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  3. Thanks for finally writing about >A fair world is a world without tax havens |
    Julian’s musings <Loved it!

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