Most listened to

As I have blogged before ( I listen to audiobooks whilst driving.

I thought it interesting to list my most listened to authors. It must be borne in mind that I am at the mercy of whatever is available in the libraries that I visit. The number of titles is shown against each author.

22 Ruth Rendell
19 Christopher Lee
16 Agatha Christie
11 Peter Robinson
9 Robert Goddard
8 Charles Dickens
7 Graham Greene
5 Elizabeth George
5 George Orwell
5 John Grisham
5 John Le Carre
5 John Mortimer
5 Mary Higgins Clark
5 Michael Crichton
5 Patricia Cornwell
5 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5 Thomas Hardy
4 Alan Bennett
4 Charlotte Bronte
4 Ellis Peters
4 H. G. Wells
4 Jane Austen
4 Michael Palin
4 Minette Walters
4 P. G. Wodehouse
4 Val McDermid

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