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careandsupportallianceSome numbers for Southend West:

9304 constituents are providing unpaid care

22613 constituents are over 60

9487 households are living with at least one family member who has a long term illness or disability

15829 constituents have a condition that limits their activity in some way

(Numbers from

The Care & Support Alliance represents over 75 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care.

Trading Standards Institute

Ella Vine (board member), Mike Le-Surf (Labour Candidate, South Basildon and East Thurrock), Melissa Dring (Policy Officer), Julian Ware-Lane (Labour Candiadte, Southend West)

Ella Vine (board member), Mile Le-Surf (Labour Candidate, South Basildon and East Thurrock), Melissa Dring (Policy Officer), Julian Ware-Lane (Labour Candiadte, Southend West)

I recently spoke with the Policy Officer for the Trading Standards Institute. Amongst the things that the TSI is interested in is the subject of food, product and toy safety. They are a useful friend when it comes to consumer protection, and the protection of the elderly and vulnerable from scams and doorstep nuisance.

In the mail this morning


My fave Hitchcock films

One of last night’s dinner party conversion was the topic of everybody’s top three Alfred Hitchcock films. Being largely housebound at the moment I have been watching a few recently, and so some are very fresh to my memory. So, here is a top five.

1, The 39 Steps

For a long time my favourite film of all time. It is a tremendous story (loosely based on John Buchan’s novel) and in Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll has a superb pairing. The supporting cast are wonderful, and as a period piece alone it is a wonderful peak into the world as it was in 1939 (autogyro and all). I guess those not used to black and white and primitive filming techniques may find it a chore, but I think this proves that if you have a good story and great actors you do not need fancy special effects. Favourite scene? Possibly the one where Hannay and Pamela are handcuffed in a guesthouse.

2, Psycho

Still scary more than fifty years after it was made. Made on a shoestring budget, this is a fine example of a great plot and fine performances. The shower scene must rank amongst the greatest in cinematographic history – and those violins must rival the Jaws music as being the most simple yet effective accompaniment of all time. Anthony Perkins is really sinister, and Janet Leigh is great. Favourite scene? The shower scene is exceptional – and it manages to convey what is going on without being graphic.

3, Spellbound

This is the one I watched most recently, and I rate it so highly just because Ingrid Bergman is so entrancing. Gregory Peck is fine too, portraying someone who impersonates the new head of an asylum, who goes on to be convicted for the murder of the person being impersonated. The story does not end there, though, and I shan’t spoil the denouement for those who have yet to see it. Best scene? I am tempted to say every one featuring Ms Bergman, but I will opt for the Salvador Dali dream sequence instead.

4, North by Northwest

I just love Cary Grant’s acting, and this amongst the finest of his performances. The famous crop-duster scene is wonderful staged – I like the unrushed way it is introduced. I cannot recall another film that features Mount Rushmore – but this is as likely owing to a combination of poor memory and not having watched enough movies. This film captures the feeling of the fifties ending and the sixties beginning and as a period piece alone it is worth watching.

5, Rear Window

Having got to number five I realise that there are a number of very good films I have omitted. But Rear Windows is an intriguing idea – a murder uncovered by someone confined by a broken leg to breaking the monotony of his existence by spying on his neighbours. Best scene? Grace Kelly breaking into one of the neighbouring flats – and getting caught in the act. It is a wonderfully claustrophobic film whose story-telling entrances the whole way through.

I want to hear your views on jobs

As a local Labour Candidate for the General Election, I spend a great deal of time meeting with local people, listening to their hopes and concerns. Something I hear more and more are concerns about jobs; the lack of good jobs for our young people, job insecurity and low pay.

The economy isn’t working for working people and the cost of low pay and insecure work is adding billions to social security budgets.

Long term youth unemployment has soared under the Tories, costing tax payers millions a year. At the same time low paid and insecure work is leaving more people reliant on benefits to help pay their bills. Under the Tories we’ve seen record numbers of people who can’t get the hours or work they want, costing the country over £1 billion a year in benefits.

Meanwhile Nick Clegg has been too weak to stand up to David Cameron and has backed the Tories failed approach all the way. As for UKIP they want to abolish your rights as a worker, including parental leave, maternity pay, holiday pay, sick pay, and even redundancy pay.

In the Labour Party we’re determined to do something about the problem. We will:

• Back the next generation with a job guarantee for the young unemployed
• Tackle the abuse of migrant labour to undercut wages by banning recruitment agencies that only hire foreign workers
• Make sure that unemployed young people who don’t have the skills they need to get a job are in training, not on benefits
• Make work pay by increasing the National Minimum Wage and providing tax breaks to firms that boost pay through the Living Wage

But I want to hear your views on what more needs to be done to create a healthy, prosperous and integrated community.

You can let me know your views by visiting the Southend Labour website at and clicking on ‘Have your say‘. You can also email me at


I went to bed just as the counting was started, I got up this morning to find that Scotland and voted ‘no’, much to my relief.

In the end it was not as close as I was beginning to think it would be. A 10.6% gap is pretty respectable, and I think decisive. Whilst the prospect of a neverendum has been postulated in anticipation of this result, I would hope that this result will be respected.

All the spoils should not go to the winner in any democracy, and so it is right (especially when so many wanted a different result) to take into account the wishes of those who voted for independence. This has been acknowledge in recent days with many concessions effectively giving devo-max to Scotland in the fullness of time.

In many ways this is still a victory for the nationalists, they having wrought so many concessions regarding a greater say for the Scottish Parliament in creating its own laws. It is also a victory for England, Northern Ireland and Wales because we really are better together.

Most of all, it is a victory for all Scots, for democracy, and for those of us (like me) who believe sixteen-year olds should be heard in a democracy.

Alexandra Yacht Club fire

Cllrs Nevin and Ware-Lane by the burnt remains of the clubhouse

Cllrs Nevin and Ware-Lane by the burnt remains of the clubhouse

Milton Councillors Cheryl Nevin and Julian Ware-Lane were saddened to see the burnt remnants of Alexandra Yacht Club clubhouse today. Alexandra Yacht Club is amongst the oldest Yacht Clubs in the world. The clubhouse was earmarked for demolition next week after subsidence caused the yacht club to relocate to the nearby Naval and Military Club.

Cheryl quickly spotted the breaking news on @YourSouthend twitter feed, rang fellow councillors, cabinet members and press contacts to find out more. “It was clear that a major blaze was underway. I was concerned for residents living nearby, but had a source on scene updating me“.

Julian had been holding his rolling street surgery in Royal Terrace and Clifton Terrace yesterday afternoon, just hours before the blaze. “It is a bizarre coincidence that I was within yards of the building, and talking to residents about the condemned building, only a few hours before this terrible inferno.

Cheryl and Julian met with Yacht Club members today who were putting on their Annual Commodores Race Day to offer their help and support. Cheryl said “As a ward councillor and former dinghy sailor I am keen to offer any help I can. I hope we can facilitate the Club’s recovery and I will be liaising with Council and Club Officers over the coming weeks. I hope they can find a new and permanent home soon.


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