Procurement of services to provide Minor Oral Surgery procedures in the community

I was sent the following, and advised to “… distribute this Briefing Note, as a matter of urgency, to whoever you feel appropriate.” So, I distribute it to the world:-

Briefing Note to HOSC/MPs/Local councillors/HWBB/CCGS/Secondary Care Providers/Healthwatch/LDC

Procurement of services to provide Minor Oral Surgery procedures in the community

NHS England is responsible for commissioning primary and secondary care dental services in Essex.

A number of dental procedures can be safely and effectively delivered by specialists or dentists with enhanced skills who are based in general dental practices within the community.

These procedures, which include wisdom tooth extraction and removal of retained roots, are generally referred to as minor oral surgery procedures.

In some areas of Essex patients are already referred to a specialist or dentist with enhanced skills in a community based practice for their minor oral surgery procedure. These services have been established and operating successfully for a number of years. Some of these service providers were established on a pilot basis.

We now wish to re-procure these services on a permanent basis to ensure that we have the best Providers to deliver minor oral surgery procedures across the whole of Essex and to ensure value for money.

The funding for these services is already in place in the existing community based minor oral surgery service.

There will be improved access for patients as a result of this procurement; however, the oral surgery services may not be provided in the exact same locations. The Essex Area Team is expecting to commission a minimum of two providers in each of the five main localities in Essex.

The benefits of this change are;

  • Patients will be offered a choice of appointment time for their minor oral surgery procedure
  • Improved access for patients by having community based provision across the whole of Essex
  • More cost effective use of NHS resources
  • Patients will benefit from more availability and therefore less waiting time


It is intended to commence the new service from 1st April 2015.


Southend West election candidate Cllr Julian Ware-Lane is backing an appeal to help save the lives of more people with cancer in the constituency and across the UK.

With the countdown to the General Election under way, the Labour Party candidate has lent his support to Cancer Research UK’s ‘Cross Cancer Out’ campaign.

Playing on the idea of a ballot paper, the campaign asks election candidates to help ‘Cross Cancer Out’ by backing a raft of vital measures to ensure cancer patients are diagnosed much earlier and have greater access to the best possible treatments.

Thanks to research, survival rates have doubled in the UK in the last forty years. But with more and more people being diagnosed, Cancer Research UK says determined political action is urgently needed to save more lives.

Cllr Julian Ware-Lane said: “We must not underestimate the devastating impact that cancer will have on families in Southend West now and in the future. The good news is cutting-edge research carried out by charities like Cancer Research UK is turning the tables on the disease, but it is clear there is a critical role for politicians to play in helping to detect cancer earlier and bring innovative new treatments to patients faster.

“The political drive to beat cancer must match the pace of progress in research. That’s why I’m backing the ‘Cross Cancer Out’ campaign and joining the fight to beat cancer sooner.”

Sarah Woolnough, Executive Director of Policy and Information at Cancer Research UK said: “We know the earlier patients can be diagnosed and access the treatments they need, the more lives will be saved.

“The next Government’s decisions will affect how fast and how far we progress in the next five years, towards our goal of beating the disease. It is a big ambition but we know with the right political support we will get there sooner – so we’re asking all local election candidates to make a commitment to ‘Cross Cancer Out’ and help ensure no-one’s life is cut short by the disease.”

For more information and ways to get involved in the campaign, visit or join the conversation on twitter #CrossCancerOut.


Just signed up to this :

The five point MND Charter

1. People with MND have the right to an early diagnosis and information
2. People with MND have the right to access quality care and treatments
3. People with MND have the right to be treated as individuals and with dignity and respect
4. People with MND have the right to maximise their quality of life
5. Carers of people with MND have the right to be valued, respected, listened to and well-supported.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association General Election Campaign 2015 page is here.

NHS privatisation challenge; a challenge for David Amess

Created in 1948 by the then Attlee-led Labour Government, the NHS is one of our greatest achievements and our most important institution. But it is under threat from a Conservative-led government which puts privatisation before patient care.

We need action to save our NHS. This is why I am backing Labour MP Clive Efford’s Bill which would scrap David Cameron’s new market framework for the NHS and ensure NHS patients will always be put first.

The NHS has never been more vulnerable than under the present government. The Conservatives wasted £3 billion on an unnecessary and damaging top-down reorganisation. The new rules allow hospitals to earn up to 49 per cent of their income from private patients, which risks pushing NHS patients to the back of the queue. And their new competition rules force doctors to open up services to competition from the private sector.

Labour will ensure that the NHS once again puts patients before profits. We will invest the millions of pounds saved from scrapping competition red tape in ensuring people can get a GP appointment within 48 hours, or on the same day if they need it.

I have no hesitation in backing this bill as it will make sure patients in Southend West are put first once again. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for our current MP. That’s why I’m challenging David Amess to back the Bill and vote for it in Parliament on 21st November.

Patients in Southend West are relying on him to do the right thing by backing this Bill so that we can put an end to market forces being put at the heart of the NHS. David Amess is fond of saying how he always puts his constituents first; its time he backed this up with action by voting for this Bill on 21st November.

The Conservatives have not just destabilised our health service; they are holding it back from meeting the challenges of the 21st century as well. We need to pass this new Bill so we can end the creep towards NHS privatisation, bureaucracy and red-tape, and instead put patients back at the heart of the NHS . Labour will rescue the NHS with our £2.5 billion Time to Care package which will fund new staff including 20,000 more nurses – investment the Conservatives will not match

Labour’s NHS needs you

NHSNHS doctors and nurses are always there for us – but now, under relentless Tory and Lib Dem attack, the health service the Labour Party created needs us to defend it.

Only a Labour Government will cherish the NHS

I want a fairer and more equal society, and I see the Labour Party as the best vehicle to achieve this. To quote from Clause IV (as it stands today): “The Labour Party … believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we can alone“. It concludes thus: “ … where we can live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

The party of equality and social justice believes in a publicly funded National Health Service, free at the point of need with equal access for all, irrespective of their wealth. This stands in contradistinction to the Tories who are set on a course of privatisation of the NHS. We can probably still boast of having the fairest healthcare in the world, but many of the gains we saw under a Labour government have not been continued today. The NHS is not a picture of robust health with improving outcomes for those who use it.

I want to see better, faster, fairer, treatment – not top-down re-organisation whose primary effect is longer waiting times.

The choice facing the country next May is whether Britain’s NHS goes forward or back. Put simply, the NHS is not safe in Tory hands.; under David Cameron it’s getting harder to see a GP and waiting lists are going up.

UKIP are also intent on dismantling the NHS, and a vote for the Lib Dems would only help David Cameron sneak back in to Number 10. The NHS was created by Labour, and only Labour Governments properly fund it.

Nothing you have is more valuable than your heath. If you value the NHS then vote for it.

Labour Candidate Julian Ware-Lane supports Labour’s one-week cancer test guarantee

julian portrait_01Cllr Julian Ware-Lane, Labour Candidate for Southend West, is backing Labour’s new pledge for a one-week cancer test guarantee.

The next Labour government will ensure that NHS patients in England will wait no longer than one week for cancer tests and results by 2020. Early diagnosis is a critical tool in the fight against cancer and this pledge could make a huge difference to those at risk from the disease.

The cancer test guarantee will be made possible by £750 million of new investment over five years, raised through a new levy on tobacco firms which make huge profits from their products which cause so much ill-health.

Julian also welcomes Ed Miliband’s wish that our health service have the best cancer survival rates in Europe, which could save up to 10,000 lives a year. The number of people waiting too long to get cancer tests are going up in Essex. In August this year, 63 patients waited longer than six weeks for cancer tests compared to 34 in the same month last year.

Julian said: “Many people I have spoken to in Southend West are concerned about David Cameron’s plans for the National Health Service. An expensive top-down reorganisation is not what is wanted at the moment, and the privatisation agenda sits ill with many. The Tories haven’t just destabilised our health service; they’re holding it back from meeting the challenges of the modern world as well. Only Labour can be trusted to protect and improve the NHS.”

“I am backing Labour’s pledge to guarantee that NHS patients in England will wait no longer than one week for cancer tests and results by 2020. Early diagnosis means treatment is more likely to be successful so this is an essential pledge if we’re going to lead the fight against cancer and save more lives in our area.”

We need an NHS that meets the challenges of the modern world. We need a modern health and care service that offers the best cancer survival rate in Europe. Only Labour can be trusted to protect the NHS and with the Time to Care Fund and the one-week cancer test guarantee, we’ll ensure we have a health service fit for the 21st century.


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