Southend HMO statistics

An inspection of the HMO Licences Register shows the following distribution across the Borough of Southend-on-Sea (number by ward):

25 Milton
15 Kursaal
11 Chalkwell
3 Westborough
2 Leigh
2 Victoria
1 Prittlewell
1 Southchurch
1 Thorpe

There is a total of 61 Houses of Multiple Occupancy in the borough, 40% of which are in my ward. Of course, these are the official figures – I suspect that there are a number of unlicensed HMOs across the borough, and it is anyone’s guess as to the numbers of these.

When I complain about plans for new HMOs in my patch from now on I will be using these statistics to back up my arguments.

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3 Responses to Southend HMO statistics

  1. Del Thomas says:

    My experience in Victoria would suggest 2 is outrageously out. What is the definition of a HMO?


    In Southend, at present, the only HMOs to be licensed are those that are 3 storey and have 5 or more occupiers.

  3. JR says:

    Please keep hammering those stats home, Julian. When HMOs are spread out, there’s less likelihood of soulless, unloved ghettos forming.

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