Axe hovers over Southchurch and Westcliff libraries


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4 Responses to Axe hovers over Southchurch and Westcliff libraries

  1. Irene Grubb says:

    Both of my ward councillors, Martin Terry (Independant) and Paul Collins (Lib Dem ) were both opposed to these cuts before christmas, Paul Collins also went on protest march and railly on these cuts. Both were very strongly against cuts to Westcliff Libary. When your ward councillors let the residents down on very important Issues that affect the residents, It makes you wonder who you can trust In your ward councillors. This Is very bad news for many residents that use these libaries, Young and old. Communities will lose expertise when cuts to libaries go ahead. Sorry If I upset any one, but these Isues are Important to me has a community activist. Irene.

  2. Irene…Both Martin and Paul are against the cuts to the libraries and voted as such. Your third councillor did indeed vote for the cuts (Dr. Vel). This poster is not misleading but is very cleverly worded to make it sound like all LDs voted for the cuts to libraries, which is not the case.

  3. Seven Liberal Democrats voted with the administration on this issue – only Paul Collins and Mary Betson voted against. Marimuthu Velmurugan voted with the administration as well, and Ric Morgan absented himself from the chamber just before the vote was taken.

    All six Labour councillors opposed the proposals.

  4. Irene Grubb says:

    Thank-you Neil for this imformation, has I throught that Paul throught Westcliff libary was very important not to be axed, also Martin did not want Westcliff to be axed. I am very sad that Dr Vel, throught so little of these libaries or the effects this will have on young and old In these communities. Can you pass on to Paul and Martin my thanks for voting against these cuts, sorry that I got this wrong.

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