Public meeting: axe the bedroom tax


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4 Responses to Public meeting: axe the bedroom tax

  1. dave batter says:

    If someone wants a spare room they should be prepared to pay for it.
    Why should I help pay for their spare room

  2. Why should someone lose their home merely because they have bneen forced to subsist on benefits? Why should someone who requires a carer not be able to have them stay? Why should someone who needs a room for medical equipment lose this?

    Still, you are most welcome to attend and put your views across.

  3. dave batter says:

    I repeat why should I pay just because I scrimpt and saved to buy my own house, I am now suffering my frugal past by being denied the luxuries some on benefits get.
    Watch Benefit Street on TV to see how well they live.
    If you do not want to pay for the spare room then move to somewhere smaller it aint rocket science

  4. You really think “Benefits Street” shows a desirable standard of living? Luxuries?

    And moving somewhere smaller is fine if there are smaller properties to move to, but there’s a shortage of smaller properties for those on housing benefit.

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