Stand up to racism and fascism


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One Response to Stand up to racism and fascism

  1. Alan Grubb says:


    I agree with your comments we have always wellcomed people from other countrys, in the past these people have excepted our way of life and the laws which most of us abide by. However over the last few years there is a small section of the people who have come to this country and some born in this country who have excepted our hospertality who seek to undermine our way of life and who will not mix with people who donot conform to the own way of life. This in turn breeds resentment. In order to reduce the problems between different peoples within the U K the small section of the community who persist in not adopting our ways have got to change and be prepaired to be part of the wider community, until this happens you will alway get trouble.

    There are counless exampleys where the small amount of people entering or people born in this country will not adopt our ways.

    Young girls born in this country being taken abroad to there parents home land and being forced into marrage.

    Some will not obey our planning laws.

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