Lurching to the right

Cllr Ron Woodley announces he is the only true Conservative in the borough. Cllr Marimuthu Velmurugan announces himself as Conservatively minded. The Independent Group announce an agreement/understanding/pact with UKIP.

One thing is abundantly clear is that the Independents in Southend-on-Sea are lurching to the right. The Southend Echo today has an article, which admittedly is partly speculative, about a concord between Independent Group and UKIP for next May’s local elections. It states things which hardly a secret – the Independent Group in the borough and UKIP are very close, nay allies.

UKIP are to the right of the Conservative Party. Their manifesto could have been cobbled together from the worst headlines found in the Daily Mail and Daily Express. Nigel Farrage has stated that his party will be running on an anti-immigration ticket in the European elections in May.

I cannot predict what will happen in the council chamber after the elections, although some sort of coalition is likely. It will be a black day for politics in Southend if UKIP get any councillors, let alone if they find themselves as part of a rainbow coalition running the town.

One or two in the Independent Group would have once described themselves as socialists. It defies my understanding how they can attach themselves to a party that has a large vein of xenophobia, anti-feminism and homophobia running through it. UKIP are against political correctness, human rights and the welfare state, favour discriminatory education policies and would sink Britain’s economic wellbeing by leaving the EU. They are also largely a party of climate change deniers, and their flag-waving little-Englander pretentions are in defiance of a history that shows Britain is at its best when it is outward looking and internationalist in approach.

The last thing my town needs is to ditch the Tories only to find them replaced with a more extreme version of the Conservative Party.

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2 Responses to Lurching to the right

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  2. james moyies says:

    Julian,read our policies and try to understand why many labour voters are turning to ukip. Not right or left. Just correct and what the workers want.

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